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Deby, We cheated on you! We bought some handmade soaps at the Florida State Fair. They were nowhere near the quality of your soaps. My husband and I were so disappointed and learned a valuable lesson. I think they'll get "re-gifted"! We'll never stray again!


I Love your soaps. I love trying the new scents that sound intriguing to me. Thanks for being there for those of us who cannot use store bought soaps. Your soaps are always so luxurious and fragrant but never irritating and I have sensitive skin. Also I wanted to hint to others that I use the Happy endings soap pieces to scent my clothing in my chest of drawers. I also wrap my Hankies around them until I use the hankies to make them smell good.

Thanks again.
p.s. By the way, I shopped in your store in St. Petersburg, Fl. and online ever since.

Hi Deby,
Thank you so much for being concerned about my last order, which was for my mother. She received it in plenty of time. Mom turned 85 this month. I asked her want she wanted for her birthday - she said "that soap that I love!" She had forgotton about her request, so when the soap arrived, she called me right away to thank me for remembering - apparently she had almost run out and did not want to use any other soap but yours!

I recently discovered your soap at the St.Petersburg Farmer's Market...lovely soap, espceially the Blue Mango!! I only use hand crafted soap & your soap is some of the best I have used.... Nice, "natural" packaging.

Thanks again for all your help with the soap-it is truly wonderful. Everyone that I've given a bar to has raved about it. IT definitely is not run of the mill.
Enjoy and relax
God Bless
Ed & family

Hi Deby, My girlfriend from Florida sent me a bar of your Goat's Milk Honey Oat Soap & I have to say it is the best soap I have ever used.

Thank you,

This (Goat's Milk, Oatmeal and Honey) is the best soap I have every used. I have very sensitive skin -- your soap is the only soap I can use that lathers well and smells positively yummy... My skin has never felt better.

Thank you.
Sharon H.

I found your soaps at the Saturday Marketplace in St Petersburg, and fell in love with the Lemongrass Patchouli. I haven't tried any of your other scents because I love that one so much, and I am afraid I will be disappointed by another. (I do the same thing at restaurants.....find something wonderful and reorder the same meal every time I visit! No adventure!) Anyway, I was almost out of the soap at the end of the season for the Marketplace, and was unable to get there on the last Saturday that they were open.. Of course, I was soon down to a sliver and hoarding it. Later in the summer, I went to a Confederate Days Celebration in Dade City and found someone who made soap, and bought her Patchouli, expecting it to be as superior as yours. WRONG!!! There was no comparison..............and no scent! I was so happy to see the Marketplace reopen this fall, and ran down and bought a couple of bars to get me started. Now I have found the website, last season's soap dilemma will never happen to me again!

Thanks for the wonderful products and maybe I will venture into new scents this season, (although it will be hard to beat a winner!)

Sandy P.

I too found your soap at the saturday market. I have bought handmade soaps all over the USA and yours by far the best. I am now working on Sat so I have to order online. So sad I love smelling all the new scents. My favorite is the Patchouli Lemongrass.

Nancy H.
St Petersburg, FL

I got my order today (23/10), The soaps look and smell delicious, and start using them. Thanks for the wee samples as well. The natural soap experiment were admirable and the soap is a work unexceptionably and a distinct smell. Thanks for creating such heavenly soap. The packing and the wrapping is an excellent and arrives a quickly I am pleased with the products and the excellent service for Kate's Soap, Inc.. Thank you

Best regards,
SULAIMAN A., Saudi Arabia


I rarely send personal emails to vendors. Most vendors these days are the impersonal super-giant chains. But I've looked over your "Kate's Soap" web site, especially the "How We Make Soap" photo album. I greatly enjoyed seeing the pictures and the text details on how your product is formulated, from scratch down to the wrapping and shipping.

For a long time I've tried to find a non-irritating soap to see if some minor, but annoying and nagging skin inflammations, would improve with a change in soap. I went to a dermatologist and she only recommended the standard grocery store soaps: Dove and Neutrogena. Although they are the most benign of the mainstream soaps, even their ingredients contain some rather strange and questionable items. I also tried some Ayurvedic soaps and "natural herbal" soaps from my local health store.

It seemed I was faced with Dove/Neutrogena as the least of the irritating mainstream soaps (which really didn't help), or the more healthy soaps from a health foods store (but which barely barely lathered at all!).

Until I discovered your soaps, specifically Oakmoss Blend & Neem Oil Botanical Soap and the Lemongrass Patchouli blend. They smell wonderful, have improved my skin immensely, and wonder of wonders they give a very generous lather. I thought I was faced with only a choice between bad soaps which lather, or good soaps which essentially don't lather.

Yours are the best. You have really put loving care and intelligence into the manufacture of your products. I'll continue to buy them faithfully.

Donald P.

I finally got a special order of your soaps from **** Natural Foods. The six bars I ordered are incredible (Sweet Almond, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Peppermint Creme, Vetivert, and Patchouli Sandalwood). In the future, I'll be placing more "special orders" so that I can try other soaps **** (the store) doesn't readily stock. Thanks for creating such heavenly soap; my husband said that showering is so much better now!

Susan F

I got my order today (Scotland); I'm sure my postman was jealous as the box smelled gorgeous! The soaps look and smell delicious, and I can hardly wait to start using them. Thanks for the wee samples as well, and those are the cutest wee bags ever! I've ordered soaps over in Internet before, and yours are by far the most generous size, most professionally packaged, and best value. If only I lived in the US, then I could afford to have these sent all the time.

Rebecca C. (Scotland)

Just a quick note to let you know that our order arrived yesterday, we checked out the sample slivers, and the Kosmic Blues soap is divine. (By the way, great minds think alike. A couple of years ago we helped a local cafe name their veggie cheese melt bagel sandwich: the Kosmic Meltdown.) When you start selling it in big bars, I will order several! L**** is normally very partial to the scrubby soaps, but when he smelled the Sandalwood sample, he changed his mind. Thanks so much for making your addictive soaps!


I'm surprised by how much better your lotion is (than Lubriderm) and haven't used Lubriderm since trying it.


Thank you for your help over the telephone today. I met your soaps at the recent Native Plant show in Pinellas Co. My skin is so sensitive that I usually concoct my own cleansing products as well as a few moisturizing products. I use essential oils for housecleaning. Your soaps are fabulous. No rashes, bumps, or itches! My sister, my mother, my husband, and a good friend are all enjoying your wonderful soaps!

Thank you so much!

My name is Alicea, I was recently given a bar of your lovely citrus hemp soap by my sister in law. I feel this is the best soap I have ever used. I emerged from the shower and I felt as if I had bathed in a stream in an enchanted forest. I felt like mother earth herself had left her touch on my skin. I cannot tell you how excited I am to try more of your soaps!

Thank you,
Alicea G. Lover of Fine Soaps

I purchased from you in late august, a first time buyer. Just want to let you know... I buy lots of handmade soaps!! My friend makes the soap for a great soap store in my town and i buy at every craft fair where the soap catches my fancy. Then I discovered the web. I've purchased a handful of soaps from a few different sites but I have to say, I truly love yours the best, above all. lately, I've been spreading the word so I hope you get more customers though my word of mouth. My faves are patchouli/lavender/oakmoss, athena's garden and cocos butter chocolate.

Thanx for the sample of patchouli/tangerine. Though patchouli is by far my fave oil, that scent is not really for me. Looking forward to purchasing a variety of others, just not yet... I still have too many to get through. Just used the cocoa in the shower about an hour ago and it truly is silky and so yummy I almost want to eat it. How much longer will the sandalwood soap be avail. that sounds wonderful!!!

Thanks for a wonderful product!!! I love it!

"This is one of the most interesting sites I've been to! Reading your descriptions of everything made me feel like I was having coffee with a friend. Don't know if that's what you're going for, but you did a great job! Your stuff is just beautiful. You'll probably get an order from me before too long, and I live clear up in XXXXXXX. Just had to tell you."

Sherry M.

"I've told you how much I love your soap, now I want to tell you what I did as a personal experiment. :-) I ordered soap from your site, then ordered similar soaps from 3 other soap makers. I used yours exclusively for a week and was astounded at the difference in my skin.... it was softer and visibly smoother with no dry spots. Next, we all used soaps from the other soap makers for a week...... remember, these soaps were labeled with very similar properties to yours. After just my first shower, I noticed a difference. My skin didn't feel as smooth as I dried off, and as the day wore on, it began to feel 'tight.' After a week, I was back to feeling and looking dry. I'm amazed at the difference in products labeled so closely to each other. Again, you've got a customer for life in me..... I hope you never stop making soap. Should you decide to go out of business, I'll take several of those BIG bars you picture on your site!"

Lauran K.

"Your soaps help to provide us with a peaceful oasis to decompress and become focussed, leaving the material world behind us. I am so amazed at how such a simple thing as soap can bring so much peace."

Albert L.

"We don't use any other soap anymore. This is the soap we use in the kitchen, the shower, on our faces, and on our dog, Pink. Thanks for being there!"

Evelyn W.

"I love the scrubbies in the oatmeal!"

Bonnie W.

"I bathed with the Patchouli-Tangerine and then proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes."



"It's the __cleanest__ soap I've ever used, if you know what I mean."

Lynn E.

Lynn, I'm not sure I do, but thanks for saying so.

Thank you for supporting a 100% woman-owned business!