Gifts and Accessories

New Larger Soap Sampler

Looks as cute as the small one but we have taken our best selling soaps and made them into a very attractive gift. Each soap is a 2oz bar, The same size and shape as our 4oz full size bars, just thinner. We include five (5) of our best sellers usually Lavender, Orange Clove, Valencia, Lemongrass Patchouli, Patchouli Tangerine and one unscented variety, usually Goats Milk Honey and Oatmeal. Tied together in a bundle. Varieties may vary slightly due to stock but we will always choose well for you.

Soap Dish

New & improved!
These are our new Soap Dishes, they are simple, clean cut and keep your soap drained. They seem to be popular as they are a little more stylish.



Our loofah is the perfect size for exfoliation. They soften just enough in water to be comfortable, but they'll gently exfoliate and help you increase circulation to the skin while you shower.


Happy Endings Soap Tote

Brand New!

Very popular at the Fresh Markets and new to the website our large Soap Tote offers an abundant basket stuffed full of our very fragrant soap endings. Everyone loves these as a unique gift as they make a colorful and fragrant guest soap collection in any bathroom and your guests will tell you so!


Foot Nail Brush (Wood): We are here!

Note -- the new brush is a bit smaller than the one pictured.


Bits and pieces from the ends of our soap loaves! Various types - we choose. Subject to availability. Limit: 2 per order.


Unconditional Love
An Unlimited Way of Being

A book that can change your life and help you transform the way you think, breathe and live. Learn to accept your God given rights to Happiness, health and abundance. Universal laws are revealed like in The Secret, but with more depth and detail.


Angel Worry Stones

The stones you see in the dish are so beautiful people can't keep from touching them. Only about an inch in size the shining angel is in a transparent bubble. Comes with an envelope with a sentiment, great for giving as a gift for someone for healing or an extra ounce or protection.


Let us wrap your purchase

Any soaps can be sent in a decorative all occasion gift bag, with tissue and gift card included for $2.00 or we can wrap in all occasion or seasonally appropriate wrapping paper as well.


Travel Bar Sampler Set

Our Travel Bar Sampler Set Inspired by our CNBC interviewer, Mike Hegedus, in July '01, who said he used just any ol' hotel soap while traveling, and our Travel Bars were born. Make your travel or cruise a little more special, a great Bon Voyage gift. We spend a lot of time wrapping these little bars, so we'll only offer them in sets of 5 bars, for $10.00.

Please note that ordering Travel Bars will likely add 1 - 2 days to our processing time ... Thanks! $10.00

Travel Bar Set of 5 Choose your 5 soaps: (We reserve the right to substitute any sold out varieties)
Select your 1st soap:

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