We sometimes take our daily bathing ritual for granted, mindlessly going through the motions, thoughts may be far away. We need to recognize each and every day the luxury we have of the gift of warm soothing water so easy to access at our fingertips. The bathing ritual can be used for daily stress relief and visualizations as the water runs over us, purifying not only our bodies, but our spirits. We can picture all the impurities we have picked up on our bodies and auras swirling down the drain sending them to Gaia to nourish and transform. The wonderful essences we use in our handmade natural soap can make the ordinary bath into an aromatherapy spa-like treatment. Love and good vibrations are ritualistically infused into every batch and we promise to help make your bath/shower time a memorable experience .

What a great gift to give to yourself or someone you care about.

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Our handmade soap catalog

Our soaps are premium-quality cold-kettle soaps handmade from scratch with fruit, nut and grain vegetable oils, herbal extracts and teas. Our soaps are stirred, cut and wrapped by hand in small batches using recipes painstakingly developed to produce a soap that feels terrific in your hands, offers a glorious lather, and leaves your skin clean and feeling soft.

Each of our soaps contains Mostly olive oil, enough coconut oil to ensure a glorious lather, a bit of palm oil for hardness, and generous percentages of shea butter. Please note: Our bars are cut to about 4.8 - 5 oz., and cure to 4 - 4.5 oz., most of the time. We label them at 4. oz.

Find the following codes with many of our soap descriptions:

  • A - suitable for all skin types
  • O - suitable for normal-to-oily skin
  • S- especially for very sensitive or extremely dry skin
  • SP-spicy or stimulating, not for very sensitive skin
  • F - great facial soap
  • SH - nice shaving soap

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