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Privacy Policy

At Natural Mystic we recognize the importance of your privacy. Our policy has been always been, and continues to be, to treat what we learn about our customers as confidential. For example, we will not give or sell confidential or personal information about our customers to any third party not affiliated with their transaction. Our credit card processing system is also fully secure, and information is encrypted on that server. Other data we collect is general; our server collects information about the types of browsers that access our site, for instance.

Shipping & Lead Times

It usually takes 2-3 business days from the receipt of your order until shipment. Ours is a handmade specialty product and we do not warehouse our soap. We do not prewrap soaps, as we want the packaging to be as crisp, fresh and new as possible when you receive them.

Return Policy

Soaps are not returnable for refund unless damaged through the fault of Natural Mystic. You must follow shipper's guidelines for reporting suspected damage, and obtain an inspection, or Natural Mystic, Inc. will be unable to honor reimbursement or replacement of damaged goods. Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns for any reason other than shipping damage or mistakes/problems we have caused. Refused orders (not involving damages) are subject to all shipping charges.