New Soaps

We are so busy keeping the 35 varieties we stock steadily that we don't often get time to do what we love best and create new soap. We are very careful about not removing anyone's favorite from the standard line, we do not want to see anyone sad! Some of these are going over well and we have had marvelous feedback.

Here is what we have, depends on how well they catch on if you will see them again.

Dog Gone It

This soap was inspired by my 90pound red floppy eared rescue Dobie who had very dry flakey skin. It occured to me that I had the same skin problem until I started using Natural soap and this would probably resolve her issues as well. I used cedarwood and Eucalyptus essential oils as they have natural insect repelling qualities. The feedback has been phenomenoal and we have a whole following of doggies and their owners telling us that their pets skin has improved, irritation has been minimized, they smell better and it does seem to help with the pests. We also have heard it is fine used along with topical pest treatments but you will find you need to apply less chemical treatments.

$7.00 / bar

Your dog soap is just the best for the horrific flea problem we have in Florida. Thank you very much. -Michi

Hi - A few months ago I purchased one of your soap's at a fair in St. Petersburg, FL. The man selling them had one particular soap that he sold stating that it was for dogs. I got it and it worked wonders on my dog who has chronically dry skin but now it ran out and i can't remember which one it was and I see that on your website there isn't one specific soap for dogs. Would you be able to help me? thank you.


Hi Denise, It's great to hear that our Dog Gone it soap has provided relief to your dog. You can order it on our web site as Dog Gone it.

Ray Ciacciarelli

Eucalypty Mint

The very clearing and invigorating scent of Eucalyptus with a hint of peppermint to sweeten up any medicinal qualitie, it really opens up and awakens the sinus. This new soap to our line has been one of the fastest to take off and we had to make a second batch to get it on the website as the first batch just vanished off the shelves of the store and the markets. This is a keeper and very comforting for sinus or cold sufferers.

$7.00 / bar

Great Outdoors!

This soap has Cedarwood and eucalyptus and some Fir for a woodsy outdoors scent that also seems to have the effect of the the natural insect repelling qualities of the essential oils we use. We have had feedback that it is great for hiking, camping and kids playing in the yard.

$7.00 / bar

Dulce de Chocolate!

$7.00 / bar

New.... White Tea Lavender with some Lemongrass

Made with a base of Exotic white tea which is picked from the high elevations of China a certain time of the year. The tea leaves are not roasted but naturally withered in the sun preserving it's very strong antioxidant characteristics. The tea is said to have 10 times more the antioxidants than Green Tea and therefore we thought your skin would love it. It is a pretty yellow with specks of green tea leaf has a Lavender aroma with a hint of Lemongrass and lathers wonderfully!

$7.00 / bar

Twisted Mango

True to the fruit, this soap has become a favorite among our customers who appreciate a fruity soap. This was one of this summer's best sellers to customers who had the sniff advantage at our Market. We have added a twist of Color so now it has a pink Swirl of Color too! So your soap label will now say Twisted Mango.

Sometimes we will add a new twist... This next twist will have Acai Mangosteen for March

$7.00 / bar