Dragonfly recipe - 96-98% natural

Dragonfly is our line of nearly natural soaps. These soaps contain fine fragrances formulated especially for handmade soap in addition to or instead of essential oils, and a couple of them contain FD&C pigments that add swirls of color through the soap. The soap formula is a rich blend of olive, coconut and palm oils, with plenty of shea butter, too. These soaps were developed for their scent, and for their creamy, luxurious lathers.

Blackberry Sage

Rich and plenty sweet, but with a really nice herbal note, this is a lightly fragranced soap that holds its scent. We've used a bit of color in this bar, Quickly becoming a best seller! It is our son/ soap cutter DJ's all time hands down favorite!

$7.00 / bar

Coco Lime

Now for the first time we put the Lime in the Coconut. We are trying this new one out in place of the coconut, a little more scent, some citrus, some sun. It is getting good reviews from those that like the lighter cleaner fragrance scents. Let us know what you think so we know if we should make it a keeper.

$7.00 / bar

Frankincense & Myrrh

Mildly smoky, spicy and sweet, and so popular last year that we ran out. This soap is saturated with extra unrefined shea butter, Delightfully right for the season...no matter which holiday(s) you celebrate.

$7.00 / bar

Pumpkin Spice

A beautiful warm spicy soap that will get you right into the season and you may just find yourself with the urge to bake a pumpkin pie.

$7.00 / bar

Sweet Pea Passion

We have a new addition to our Dragonfly collection! Sweet Pea Passion has a rich luscious color of purple. If you love a floral scent this one is for you.

A - suitable for all skin types

A $7.00 / bar


This smells so good, folks coming into the shop began begging for samples before it was cured. We blended a valencia orange oil, and a special edition vanilla fragrance in perfect balance to get this sweet, vanilla-citrus soap. (Note: newer batches are a rich, dark brown - we're using the same vanilla oil we use in the Vanilla Bean soap.)

$7.00 / bar


A fresh clean light smelling exotic fragrance inspired by the east, a Yuzu is a japanese citrus the size between a grapefruit and an orange and has a thick bumpy rind like lemon which it is valued for as well as it's pleasant tart and bitter flavor.

$7.00 / bar

Cinnamon Swirl

$7.00 / bar

Dulce de Chocolate!

$7.00 / bar

Nag Champa

Nag Champa is a full bodied, resin-based masala incense loved by millions of folks worldwide. We've captured the fragrance in a rich, creamy soap that we're finding we love more with each batch. I'd have put it on the website sooner, but the first 200 bars sold before I had enough to sell here...

$7.00 / bar

Soft Sandalwood

It is back and it is wonderful! When someone in the house uses this soap the aroma just fills the entire room! It is a richly lathering soap that softly lingers in the bath and on the body leaving a soft warm earthy scent on your skin.

$7.00 / bar

Twisted Mango

True to the fruit, this soap has become a favorite among our customers who appreciate a fruity soap. This was one of this summer's best sellers to customers who had the sniff advantage at our Market. We have added a twist of Color so now it has a pink Swirl of Color too! So your soap label will now say Twisted Mango.

Sometimes we will add a new twist... This next twist will have Acai Mangosteen for March

$7.00 / bar

Vanilla Bean

Over the years, this soap has become one of our most popular soaps, and whenever I attempt to discontinue or change it, my customers revolt! We use a very special and extra buttery fragrance oil. The soap is a deep, rich brown, reflecting the percentage of true vanilla present in the oil.

$7.00 / bar